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Multifunction laser welding machine

Multifunction laser welding machine

From laser welding machine and user requirements field of view, multifunction laser welding machine is undoubtedly the future direction of development of high-power, large-format, high-efficiency, a molding, high intelligence. Factors to consider when buying a lot of sheet metal welding is a very common application of metal processing technology, the development of technology, the user of processing efficiency, processing and quality have become increasingly demanding, many sheet metal processing companies began Consider Additions laser welding machine. This purchase is a problem. To consider the current maximum workpiece size, material, the maximum thickness of the need for welding and raw format size, the more the need to consider the future direction of development, laser welding machine is a high-input high-yield modern equipment, so fierce market competition shall be avoided as homogeneous competition.

Multifunction laser welding machine Product description:
This series with integrated design, compact structure, which has a high output power, stable energy, good beam pattern, easy operation, reliable performance and range of features. The British imported ceramic laser cavity technology, while using the unique beam mode selection and shaping technology to ensure high output power and excellent beam mode. Double pulse xenon lamp excitation, constant laser power, pulse programmable and intelligent system management, and has less water misuse and over-temperature automatic protection. PLC programmable controller or industrial PC control, X / Y-axis two-dimensional automatic mobile platform. Semiconductor red light indicating position, you can move up and down manually focus and deflect the laser incident angle.

Multifunction laser welding machine model features:
For less than 1mm thin seam welding. Three-dimensional table with machine integration design, can weld a variety of space curves and some highly variable weld. Used in medical, electronics, batteries, instrumentation and other industries.

Suitable materials and industrial applications:
For kettle, vacuum cups, stainless steel bowl, door handles, electrical accessories, filters, fuel injectors, stainless steel products, golf head, zinc alloy products, such as welding.
Graphics can be welded are: point, line, circle, square, or by the software AUTOCAD drawing any graphics, three-dimensional trajectory can be welded.

Multifunction laser welding machine
Model ML-W200 ML-W400
Maximum laser power 200W 400W
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
Laser welding depth ≤ 2mm ≤ 4mm
Pulse width ≤ 20ms ≤ 20ms
Batter frequency laser welding ≤ 50Hz ≤ 50Hz
Adjustable spot size 0.1-3.0mm 0.1-3.0mm
Spot size 0.2-3.0mm 0.2-3.0mm
Total Power ≤ 9KW ≤ 12KW
Electricity demand 380V / three phase / 50Hz/40A 380V / three phase / 50Hz/60A
Standard Maximum table loading ≤ 100Kg ≤ 100Kg
Table travel 200 * 200mm to 1200 * 1200mm 200 * 200mm to 1200 * 1200mm
Workbench Repeatability ± 0.01mm ± 0.01mm
Table positioning accuracy ± 0.02mm ± 0.02mm
Aimed at positioning Red, CCD monitoring system Red, CCD monitoring system
Cooling Water Water
Host Dimension 1500 * 750 * 1200mm 1500 * 750 * 1200mm
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