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Shenzhen laserji Co., Ltd.
Contact:Mr. qiu
FAX: 86-0755-29191100
Address: fuyong shenzhen china
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Company name: shenzhen Ming laser laser equipment co., LTD

Free line:86-137 2652 0134

Address:New and village fuyong town, shenzhen city, guangdong province with rich industrial zone (rich bridge industrial zone near the bus station)
Navigation: rich bridge industrial zone 2 area

24h Advice: 86-13726520134
TEL: 86-0755-29191116
FAX: 86-0755-29191100

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Bus route: Edison lobao can sit subway line to the airport to the east stand and sit M351 / M331 to bus station to rich bridge industrial zone.Out of the car is opposite our company.

"Rich" bridge industrial area of navigation:
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