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Laser inscription radium ML - LASER is Shenzhen Ming LASER LASER equipment co., LTD. (Shenzhen city Ming radium LASER equipment co., LTD) independent brand laser equipment.The company was founded in 2004, covers an area of 7000 square meters, registered in guangdong province set up a collection of production, research and development, sales for the integration of provincial private technology enterprises, research and development base in Taiwan headquarters in guangdong dongguan.And in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions at home and abroad are respectively set up several branches and offices;Also has international trade and expand foreign markets, and created a gratifying achievements. Product has been all over the five states, 50 countries and regions.Is devoted to laser application automation research and development innovation, manufacture and sales of integrated high-tech enterprises.

Scope of business

  Laser and related products, electromechanical integration equipment technology development, production, marketing;The production of laser engraving machine,The laserWelding machine, laser and related components (excluding restricted items)
  Some products are as follows:
  A: D series material more CO2 laser cutting machine
  2: designed.the GN/GH series laser cutting machine, not of metal
  Three: S series CCD camera positioning laser cutting machine
  Four: XXP series 3 d dynamic CO2 laser marking machine
  Five: GB series CO2 laser marking machine, not of metal
  Six: fiber ylp series fiber laser marking machine
  And m series mobile phone key-press special cutting machine, CO2 laser engraving machine T series.G series of CO2 laser cutting bed, XXP - 4 CO2 laser firing machine series, B series laser engraving equipment buttons, F series laser marking system, fully automatic IC packaging printer, laser stripping machine. Mobile phone 3 m paper automatic marking cutting machine specially used for membrane switch, and so on more than 60 covering many industries products..

The advantages of laser inscription radium

1: on the basis of whole hog service customers, product performance and stability has reached the first-class level.
  2: a strong customer service center, at any time for customers to solve the problem of after-sales.
  3: we pay attention to every detail, each product is as good as it gets done.

Ming laser laser enterprise values

  Enterprise vision: let the world know let Ming Ming radium radium proud
  Brand concept: dedicated to laser application automation
  Service core value: the customer to create a customer

Ming radium process

  In 2012, the Year 2012
  In relation to the various upgrade of the GBOS all series of products.Perfect the control system.Innovative research and development, keep the leading position of our products.
  Applications so far, our products have been in use for every industry, and maintain our own characteristics, constantly grow.Since 2005, we try to bring Ming laser products to global customers;And successful sales to 55 countries in five continents of the world;Service with customers from all walks of life.
  In 2011, the Year 2011
  In February we become Germany ROFIN in China (small power laser application) of the first partner
  Launched in March with ROFIN laser (200-600 - w) more D series laser cutting machine
  In 2010,
  March domestic exclusive to electronic industry of intelligent automation IC marking series packaging machine;With automatic marking, automatic assembly, automatic discharging, automatic detection function.GB15A BZAT10-2 CCD
  June in view of the increasingly popular high-end wire market in the world, introduced the automatic laser stripping machine - GN210 - BX/GN211 - BX/GN211I - BX;
  October launch assembly CO2 laser marking machine: Germany GB150A - XXP - in an automated way to perfect solve large-format leather industry, high-precision processing requirements;
  In 2009,
  With four axes linkage of assembly of the CO2 laser laser marking machine - GB60A - XYP.
  In 2008,
  Launched in February after years of research and development of the S series of high-end machines, automatic discharging, feeding camera para function, perfect embodiment inscription radium to laser application automation concept, as industry one of the most representative models - S30 / S30I.
  June according to the S series launched after the success of the performance, conveniently introduced on the basis of designed.the GN series of CCD series machines - GN1080CCD/GN1081CCD/GNM1081CCD, with the industry's most perfect camera positioning cutting solution has quickly become a trademark industry the only option.
  In 2007,
  Jan D series high power laser cutting machine, mainly aimed at cutting die industry.
  February launch 30 w / 60 w / 100 w co2 laser marking machine, not of metal.
  March launch of high-power laser cutting machine for sheet metal industry, its ultra-low boot cost, make its rapid won industry recognition.
  Launched in June - F10 / F20 FLP light type high precision high-speed optical fiber laser marking machine.
  Launched in 2006, semiconductor laser marking machine move/rotate/etc.
  Launched in 2005, high-speed GH series laser cutting machine/designed.the GN series laser cutting machine.

The company development

  After nearly 10 years of development, laser inscription radium is becoming bigger and stronger. Product research and development ability, customer feedback also acclaimed, from company executives to technical engineers, Bosch team uniform, do more for the laser inscription radium, stronger, better customer service offer an own strength.Let the world know "inscription radium, let Ming radium proud.

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