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Shenzhen Minglei laser equipment co., LTD

    Shenzhen minglei laser equipment co., LTD.located in the famous manufacturing city - shenzhen, China, and in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions at home and abroad, respectively, set up multiple branches and offices, products are exported to Europe, the americas, Arab and other countries and regions, is devoted to laser application automation research and development, innovation, manufacture and sales of high-tech enterprises in guangdong province.
   Company's main products: laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine series, CO ₂ series laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine series, uv laser marking machine, assembly line laser marking machine series, special industries modified laser marking machine, in addition to laser cutting machine series.
    minglei laser focus on laser industry, dedicated to laser application automation, determined to develop a new chapter of the laser industry. Industrial automation, computer companies have mechanical, electronic, optical applications, such as higher professional talent team, to promote the integration of applied business research and development and production of sales. Since 2005, minglei laser to serve customers, to create a customer's idea, the inscription of radium laser to global customers, and build a good brand image and large market share. So far, the inscription of radium laser sales network and service scope has been involved in the global more than 30 countries and regions, products widely used in electronics, clothing, leather, handicrafts, metal, packaging printing, advertising, decoration home textile, etc in various fields.
    Unique enterprise management mode is the inscription radium laser the most competitive and cohesion of the enterprise culture and background, in this kind of enterprise culture under the influence and impact of Ming radium laser further challenge the development speed of the commanding heights.

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